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how to unlock the famas in bf4

how to unlock the famas in bf4

You unlock guns as you play it s not like you HAVE to have all the cool guns Hahaha yeah dude the AUG and FAMAS are great for medic. I think BF4 should NOT have all the loadouts and unlocks like BF3 has, way .. ( 6x Rifle Scope Bipod and Heavy Barrel for the Famas wtf ). BF3 player stats about BF4 Knife with stats about scores, combat, team, weapons, vehicles, kits, unlocks and other Unlocks the L96 Digital Woodland Camo.

how to unlock the famas in bf4. When I looked through the weapon list on BF4 and saw that it was .. Just unlocked the L96 it is decent but it doesnt seem to shine anywhere. BF4 QUICK KILLER Detailed weapon review of the Famas assault rifle BF4 P90 Weapon Review Analysis Battlefield 4 how to unlock the P90 Best PDW  To unlock it, it forces a noob to actually heal their teammates, thus Hate the Famas, but AEK and F2000 are class, I prefer the control of a  BATTLEFIELD 4 HOW TO UNLOCK HANDGUN QBZ-95, L85, ACE 23, Battlefield 4 sniper rifles, M98B, L96, M40A5, SV98, M39, M417, SVD,  HOW TO UNLOCK THE F2000 IN BF4 Battlefield 4 FAMAS Weapon Review - The Fastest Firing Assault Rifle in Unlock ALL BF4 Naval Strike Weapons Unlock the FAMAS. It s base gun is good enough to hold it s own. It s got a 1000 fire rate so it s easy to win close quarters battles and it teaches  For Battlefield 4 on the PlayStation 4, a GameFAQs message board topic titled Famas . Famas Coyote RDS Stubby Grip Laser Suppressor Tap firing this thing is key. In the right range, one Once you unlock the suppressor, add that too. 広告無しで見やすい、BF4で一番使われているWikiです。 L96が使いやすいですよ~ -- 2015-07-28 (� ) 10 44 55 って思ったらレートと弾速的� L96が近いかなって


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